A bi-monthly 40-pager, full of reviews, new & used CDs, DVDs, vinyl, books & special offers.


The new Red Lick catalogue (184; May-Junel 2015) can be viewed as pdf files below. Each section relates to specific sections of the catalogues as described below:

1. Reviews - read our recommendations from among the new releases, contained in page 1 (front cover), page 2 and page 40 (back cover) - page 1, page 2 and page 40

2. Brand Spanking New - a 6 page section (pages 3 - 8) of the catalogue detailing the best new releases that have come out since the previous catalogue - Brand Spanking New

3 Order information - a single page (page 9 of the catalogue) detailing essential ordering information, p&p/shipping charges, opening hours, etc - Order Info

4. DVDs and Books - a 2 page section (pages 10 and 11) full of DVDs and books available from Red Lick - DVDs and Books

5. Bargains - a 2 page section (pages 12 and 13 of the catalogue) full of budget lines and special campaign offers - Bargains

6. Jazz CDs - a 2 page section (pages 14 and 15) specifc to just a cross-section of some jazz CDs currently available - Jazz CDs

7 New CDs - a 14 page section of the catalogue (pages 16 - 29) full of blues, R&B, soul, rock and roll and plenty more CDs from the back catalogue of the best labels around (Ace, Bear Family, Delmark, JSP, Provogue, Ruf, Smithsonian Folkways, Yazoo and many more) - New CDs

8 Vinyl & Other Merchandise - a 2 page section (pages 30 & 31) with new and used vinyl LPs plus some used books and DVDs for sale - vinyl

9 Used CDs - 8 pages of used CDs (pages 32-39 of the catalogue), split into 2 sections, used CDs 1 and used CDs 2


Our catalogues are also available in printed format. The subscription guidelines for this are set out below:

1. Within the UK, anyone who wants a printed copy of future catalogues is required to pay an annual subscription of £20 - the subscription year runs from April 2014 to April 2015

2. This subscription can be ordered in the same way as all other items - by adding to the order made (by phone, fax, web order, email or post) against a product code - CAT1415

3. If you want to receive the catalogue but do not want to pay a subscription, there are two options open to you:

- ensure we have your current email addressand ask to be moved to our email catalogue list (when each catalogue is published we will send an email to advise that it is now available to view/download as a pdf from our website). There is of course no charge related to this.

- order more than £40- any completed order of £40 or more automatically qualifies you for a free catalogue subscription for the remainder of the subscription year. Consequently, for many of our customers, this subscription issue will not involve any actual change, we will simply add a freecatalogue subscription to your next order of over £40 *

4. If you want catalogues sent by first class post, the system for adding £1 to orders remains in place. The only other stipulation is your annual subscription has to be in place and up to date.

5. For customers outside of the UK - There is no change to the current arrangement and no requirement to pay any subscription. We will continue to decide on a case by case basis as to which customers should be sent a catalogue. The only real criteria we adopt is recent order record; presuming you have bought relatively recently, you should remain on the mailing list.

(* If you have paid the £20 subscription charge and place an order of £40 or more later in the year, we may consider a full or partial refund of the subscription at our discretion; and this will depend upon how far into the year the order is placed and its total value)


As we can't get everything into the printed catalogue, there is a whole lot more for sale and additional information available on this website for you to enjoy.

Some of the sections included in the printed catalogue are provided below in expanded versions, with even more CDs, LPs, books, DVDs listed, described in extra detail, and with colour visuals!

Books - a three page section of the new books we stock - click on Red Lick Book Store

DVDs - a two page section of new DVDs we offer - click on Red Lick DVD Store

New Vinyl - a two page section of new vinyl LPs we stock - click on Red Lick New Vinyl Store

Jazz - a three page section of new jazz CDs we sell - click on Red Lick Jazz Store

Red Lick JSP Box Set Store

Red Lick Ace Records Store

If you wish to buy anything in these listings that cannot be found in the catalogue or the on-line order system (books for example are not currently listed on the online order system), simply email us at with your order or add your requirement to your online order by listing them into the notes section on the order form. We will do the rest.

If you prefer to post or fax an order, rather order online,  download our order form here, complete and return it to us.


And don't forget to visit our 'reviews' section on this website. This contains an archive of hundreds of recommended titleswe have particularly enjoyed over recent years.